Members keep our equestrian community strong

The Bainbridge Island Saddle Club gives local equestrians a place to practice and play with their equine partners. Members maintain our facility and put on the schooling shows that give us all a chance to meet each other, learn and practice our sport.

You must be a member to ride on the facility property. Memberships cost as little as $25 for 3-day weekend use.

Members save on schooling show classes, receive invitations to special events, and win points toward awards and prizes.


Our online application makes it easy to join.

Save money and earn award points!

Did you know that your first year membership is just $45? For each class enter at a Schooling Show as a member, you save $6!
If you ride in just 9 classes at schooling shows throughout the entire season, you will pay for your membership with savings!

Get the most out of membership


Member Cost

Member Savings and Value
$108 $162 $54 (covers the cost of an Intro individual membership)
15  $180 $270 $90 (covers the cost of an individual membership)
20  $240 $360 $120 (covers the cost of a family membership)
25  $300 $450 $150

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