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Yoga For The Equestrian

  • 16 May 2020
  • 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Virtual Meeting via Zoom


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     YOGA for the EQUESTRIAN
     with Michelle Hutchins

  • Saturday, May 16, 9:30-11am
    LIVE via Zoom

Join Michelle Hutchins as she leads you through a basic yet beneficial yoga practice specifically designed for the equestrian. (Taught to accommodate all levels...No previous yoga experience needed!) Class will be followed by discussion and Q/A.

Whether you ride western, dressage or hunter jumper, this Yoga for the Equestrian will help every rider build a stronger mind-body connection, improve balance and flexibility, enhance awareness and learn proper breathing techniques.

PREMISE:  When the rider is anxious, tense and mentally scattered, they are not capable of optimal performance and the horse senses the stress. When riders are at their best mentally and physically he/she rides better and time in the saddle is enjoyed more. This is where yoga comes into play; the equestrian can benefit greatly from yoga's specially designed postures, flows and mind-body connection.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Learn how to enhance your riding skills through awareness, postures, strength and balance through yoga routines. Discover how imbalances in the body translate to imbalances on the horse and how to improve balance both mentally and physically. If you struggle with tightness and range of motion through the hips (what rider doesn't?) then you'll find the hip opener postures very beneficial. If balance is an issue, you'll learn postures that help you stay grounded both on and off the horse. If you feel tightness through out the body, you'll learn flows that open up the front, back and side of the body to release energy and gain stamina. 

What People Are Saying:  

"Michelle is a master at bringing body awareness to riders, and to help them identify and strengthen their weaknesses."  - Mollie Bogardus, trainer

“Michelle is a gifted yoga instructor...[Her] talented equestrian daughter inspired her to develop a series of yoga exercises and movements specifically for riders. Michelle’s focus on improving strength, alignment, breathing, posture, balance and muscle memory are all critical elements to developing a good seat and connection with your horse...I highly recommend taking her classes!”  - Trina LaRoche, rider

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